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ABOUT WISHADOO! - The Community Good Network

Wishadoo! is unique — it is a new way — so you're invited to expand your thinking in order to make full use of this space. Please enter with an open mind and open heart and envision the possibilities...

The most basic description of Wishadoo! is this: A comprehensive portal providing a platform with tools, resources and inspiration to connect, help/be helped, and cultivate compassion, cooperation and authentic community in myriad ways, online and in our own backyards. Wishadoo!'s tools have been designed to integrate throughout the site and to be of service to all sectors of community: individuals, neighborhoods, schools, organizations and businesses.

Wishadoo! is a personal and cultural awakening, a social (r)evolution. Please read the Wishadoo! Vision and Founder's Story.

Click here to see an infographic, which summarizes many of our tools and features at Wishadoo!

Contact us with any questions, and please INVITE others to Wishadoo!


There are many tools here to cultivate All Things Good in our daily lives, for individuals, groups, businesses, schools and other organizations...anyone committed to working toward a more caring, just, sustainable world.

Please view this entire space as one big toolbox.

Wishadoo! is very much like Facebook, so it will be intuitive for many of you. In addition, there are tools (or sections) which function like gofundme, craigslist, Ebay, Huffington Post and so much more -- all under one roof. Each section is synergistic and symbiotic with the others, creating a grand puzzle of Community Good.

(We are in the process of cleaning things up as we work toward relaunch, so thank you in advance for your patience.)

Here are the current tools found within the Community Good toolbox:

WISHLIST - Wishadoo's first tool, known as "a craigslist of compassion," where you can give, receive, pay it forward, connect, dream...put a new, more caring economy into action

FUNDRAISING - Similar to gofundme and similar sites, as well as kickstarter

MARKETPLACE - Just like Ebay...but for Good Smile

FORUM - The space for respectful discussion about things that matter

GROUPS - Similar to Facebook groups but much better for ongoing discussion, planning, creating and sharing

* Create a group for your city/state/country and be an ambassador to gather others;

* Non-profits, workplace, school, faith-based and other groups can be part of our community of communities and make use of our tools! You can create a public or a private group, and make use of all of the tools currently available via this Community Good Network. Groups are like having your own social network, without the time and expense required to create this yourself.

* If you have a project you’ve already started or want to start in your community, create a group and gain access to our tools to further your project!

* Create Groups to discuss issues, work toward common goals, connect locally with other Wishadoo! members, and more

* Create Pages (similar to Facebook pages) where businesses, organizations and public figures (authors, musicians, etc.) can provide updates to their supporters.

DIRECTORY - The first global comprehensive community resource directory

MAGAZINE - Solution-based, inspiring articles and information (Local Good coming soon)

There are other more familiar tools and features which are part of the Community Good Network: Events, Photos, Videos...click the EXPLORE menu tab to explore!

(A PETITION tool, a TIMEBANKING tool and similar tools will be added in the near future.)

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The Wishadoo! Community site provides you with a vast amount of options to manage your privacy. You can access these setting by clicking Settings (upper right-hand menu) and choose Privacy Settings. From here you can choose Invisible Mode. Invisible mode allows you to browse the site without appearing on any "Online" lists. You can also set privacy setting for all the different sections of your profile individually. For Example: Say you wish to have only your friend view your photos, then just choose photos and select “Friends only”. Your Notification preferences can also be accessed here. If you want to be alerted by email when replies, comments, friend requests, etc. are posted, this is where you select that. Also notice that, similar to Facebook for those of you familiar with that site, there are notifications that pop up at the bottom right corner of your screen when you have messages, invitations, etc.

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QUESTION: If we want to donate money toward something to help someone, do we do that through something like PayPal? Or do we just reply to them on the website and make private, personal arrangements?

ANSWER: Unless a fundraising link is included with the Wishlist post, you simply contact them directly by clicking REPLY at the bottom of their Wishlist post. Of course, even with a fundraising link, you can always contact them directly in that manner. That's the primary way to use Wishadoo! — direct interaction.

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QUESTION: Is there any way of knowing how much money has been raised toward the various needs posted, or if the wish has been fulfilled already and how? Those who are unfamiliar with the concept of Wishadoo! may be leery about helping a stranger if they don’t understand, or more importantly, trust, where their money or other types of offerings are going.

ANSWER: If a fundraising page is set up a link will be provided in the Wishlist post; you can check that page to see how much money is being raised in real time. Note that the funds go toward the Wishlist poster and object of the fundraiser directly, Wishadoo is not involved other than providing the space. As for trust, we see Wishadoo! as a grand social experiment. It is why we ask people to enter with an open heart/mind, integrity, and no expectation. This truly is a new way…the new way of bridging the world as we know it, to a world made up of authentic compassionate, cooperative communities. When people connect directly, it is up to them to ask for anything they need in order to decide whether or not they can or shall help. This is a new level of personal responsibility — on the part of the giver and the recipient.