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July 1, 2013
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We recently moved back to my small Ohio hometown, so I could be closer to my Mom and my family. We are staying with my brother and his family at the moment, and I recently got a job. All would be wonderful, except that I need to make my car lease payment for this month, or else my car will stop running and I will lose my new job. It's one of those AutoTrakk leases, where the car is electronically disabled if the payment isn't made on time. It was a crappy deal, but we had to have a car in order for me to work, so I had no choice but to accept it. I start my new job on the 8th, so I just need to get my weekly $99 payments made until I get my first paycheck toward the end of July. $400 would take care of all the payments for a month. $500 would take care of the payments *and* give me some gas money as a cushion until I start getting paid, but I will figure out some other way to keep gas in the car if I need to. The important thing is to keep the car running. My family is already stretched to the limit trying to help...they really can't do any more. We will be fine and self-sufficient when I start getting paid. We just need some help to keep from falling through the cracks until then. It's very frustrating, because the other help agencies I've tried all require extensive documents that I can't easily get. I make my car payments online--I don't get a paper bill. I don't have a paystub to show my income yet because I don't start my new job until the 8th. We're living with my brother temporarily, so I don't have a lease yet or bills to show our expenditures. And because we lack all of this paperwork, we just don't seem to qualify for help *anywhere*. Unhappy It is so incredibly vital that I don't lose my job before I even get to start. Please...we're willing to pay the money back after we get level again. I just don't want to have gotten this far, only to have it all fall apart before it even begins. Your help could make all the difference in the world for us...


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