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March 31, 2013
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United States
» Colorado

I've come here to Wishadoo in hopes of enlisting the kindness of strangers and friends, get resource suggestions, job recommendations...anything.

I was transferred to Denver last year, and my brother, who has AIDS, accompanied me.  I have since been diagnosed with MS. My Mom's health is rapidly deteriorating and we need to get back home to Portland, OR as soon as possible. Monies used will be for moving our household, breaking our lease, and getting an appropriate place in Portland.  

I am also looking for work there; transferring is not an option, unfortunately.  I am a major account manager with a background in the Transportation (moving) Industry and have working with the likes of Boeing, Amazon, T-Mobile, State Farm and many others.  Any donation would be greatly appreciated.  

I am in my 50's and finding new employment is not easy in these times, even with extensive experience.  Add my new diagnosis to the mix, and it's even more complicated, and stress certainly exacerbates everything.  This is urgent for my family.


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