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October 19, 2012
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United States
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Hello all, I am 28 years old and physically disabled. This has been going on for 10 or so years, having worsened over time. My syndrome is rare and incurable. Every six months, my parents have to drive me to pain management, as I am unable to drive myself. Problem is, I am treated at the University of Miami, the only place with physicians qualified to address my syndrome. It's a two hour drive there, and two more coming back! In the past, we have tried to ease the discomfort of the trip by renting a full sized RV from someone generous enough to provide it cheaply. It helped, but it's size made it a menace to drive down the interstate, to say nothing of the tight and congested roads of the UM/Sylvester complex. No parking for something that size, either. Making this trip is not optional for me, and it leaves me terrified every six months. I am hoping someone can donate or affordably rent me a vehicle to make the trip in. A small RV or Campervan would be much more manageable and less dangerous. All it needs to have is something I can lay on and a toilet. I appreciate cash offers toward purchasing such a vehicle, but I can't accept them due to disability/SSI rules. However, I am allowed to accept a donated RV/Campervan, or to purchase one that's very cheap. The rules allow me to own one vehicle without penalty. Otherwise, I will borrow or rent happily. For those who may be interested, I live in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. I am willing to provide documentation proving my diagnosis, my status as disabled, and my financial situation. Please contact me via Wishadoo, whether you wish to help or to provide suggestions. I am open to and grateful for any assistance.

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Sorry that I can't help since I don't have the type of vehicle that you require or live close to where you live. I hope that things work out for you, Akoto.
  • October 24, 2012
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