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September 23, 2012
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I've been posting everywhere I know about trying to get the word out about WellsFargo foreclosing on my friend Cindi who is battling a recurrence of stage four breast cancer. I'll apologize in advance if this post isn't as coherent as I'd like -- time is passing quickly for my friends and we're all a bit tired and frantic.

Cindi and her husband Kirk have been faced with a choice: either pay for the only effective drug out of pocket because their insurance company refuses to pay for it or make full mortgage payments. Before making that choice, they approached WellsFargo many times to work out a plan. They went through the same horrible story as many other people: the paperwork was lost, they had to start over, there was someone new on the case who didn't know the situation, ad nauseam. Here's a link to a news story that was done by a local station about a month ago:


Here's a clip from that story: 

MT. HOLLY, N.C. -- Cindi Davis has stage four cancer. It is spreading, and reality for her and her husband Kirk is setting in daily. 

Kirk says, “She’s here, she’s with us. It’s the morning I wake up and she is not there, that’s when I’ll fall apart.” 

It is a delicate balancing act, fighting cancer since 2008, and fighting to keep their home out of foreclosure. 

These days, they’re losing both fights

Then last week, worse came to the worst: the sheriff showed up on the doorstep with foreclosure papers. 

This morning Cindi posted on Facebook:

Hey ya'll! Just wanted to pop in and let ya know that I'm still here and kicking. Things have been really wild crazy around here lately. There have been 2 follow up stories on the news about WellsFargo refusing to do a work out plan with us. I was contacted by someone from the White House (yeah that White House) about an angry email I sent in regards to the government bailing out the banks but this one not helping to bail me out. The Dept of the Treasuray is now investigating Wells! Our story has been picked up by ABC News and we are suppose to be on the Dr. Drew show on Monday to talk about what is going on! PHEW! Oh, and someone donated $10,000.00 to the trust a friend set up for medical expenses!!! Here's a link to the blog.spot another friend set up that has all the links to the craziness: http://hopeforcindi.blogspot.com/




So, that is all to say, she's gotten "attention".  So far, they've gotten no substantive action toward actually saving their home nor any assistance with getting the only drug left that seems to be tackling Cindi's cancer.  Their choice:  either they come off a year's worth of mortgage payments and Cindi WILL die or Cindi has a chance to live but they have nowhere to live.  What they need is some real direction and guidance -- a real advocate and IF we're very lucky -- some real cash not only to find them a place where they can live with dignity, but to help pay for the only cancer-fighting drug that may very possibly save Cindi's life.

These are good, honest, hardworking people. Kirk is a former marine who works an extended shift to try to keep up, then rushes home to care for Cindi. They're both exhausted from trying to survive. It hurts so much to see them struggling so much and not being able even to hang on. 

Everyone who knows Cindi and Kirk are just as wits' end as they are.  We have no cash to help, nor are we attorneys who know how to stop or forestall this process.  The Davises are exhausted from trying to battle her cancer, juggle the bills, find money to pay for medicine, AND battle Wells Fargo.  Her friends are frantic trying to figure out what to do to help.

Cash, legal advice, a shoulder, anything at this point would be appreciated.






IF YOU'RE ON FACEBOOK, PLEASE *LIKE* CINDI's PAGE:   https://www.facebook.com/SaveCindiDavisFromForeclo...







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