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September 16, 2012
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(WISHADOO! ADMIN'S COMMENTARY:   I'm leaving this info here even though the immediate needs have been met, since it reflects what so many are enduring, including our veterans.

This individual's situation is, unfortunately, not uncommon.  Many veterans are facing dire financial situations, especially those who suffer with medical conditions that have rendered them disabled.  People assume benefits cover everything, but they don't.  While Vet in Alabama is grateful for the benefits he does receive, his family is still in a mess right now.  If you are able to be of assistance in any way, including suggestions and advice, please contact Vet in Alabama here at Wishadoo!  Just click the "contact member" button to send a message after you've logged in here.  Vet in Alabama shares his situation below.)


Here's my situation:

I am a disabled vet and I haven't worked since I had a heart attack in Dec 2011.  I do get 70% disability from the VA and that mostly helps cover the bills.  I am very grateful to receive that benefit.

But there is nothing left.

Last month I did get behind a little on my rent for the first time and am now trying to play catch up.   I currently have a pending claim with the VA, which we filed in Feb. and have recently learned that it is sitting on someone's desk just waiting for a signature. It has been there since aug 21. We applied to the VA for a hardship but that did not seem to make a difference.

One of the hardest parts of this situation is that I am constantly having to cancel my doctors appts at the VA for lack of gas to get there. I am currently rated for PTSD and struggle with depression. I also suffer from severe migraines, fibroymalgia, bad knees, among others. I am supposed to see my VA therapist and psychologist regularly but cannot see them for lack of funds to get there.

I have 4 kids, 2 boys, 2 girls. My 17-year-old son got a job at McDonalds to try to help, but they are only giving him about 8 hours a week.  We do get food stamps but with 6 people they dont stretch very far and they last about 2 1/2 weeks.

We are just trying to hang on until my claim is finalized. My vet rep feels that I stand a good chance of getting 100%.  I normally don't reach out to strangers but have run out of places to turn.  If you like, I can provide any verification you need on any info.  I have my VA ID card, DD214, rent receipts, copies of utility bills, anything you need. I have nothing to hide from anyone.

It's very hard to do, but I'm asking for any help you can provide.  Ideally, if we could raise $1000 through the kindness of strangers, that would help the situation I'm in since I've gotten so behind with everything.  But I will be extremely grateful for any help that is offered. 

Thank you for reading this.



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