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September 11, 2012
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I am in need of the funds necessary to start a non-profit organization for those who have Multiple Sclerosis and other similar neurological diseases.  I have MS, and struggle daily through my life.  I envision starting small and growing the organization to where it needs to be.  My dream?  A place where those with MS and their families can go for a vacation, or just to get away from the stress of their daily lives.  A peaceful place, with gardens and nature and meditation opportunites.  Ideally it would be close to other similar things to do, as well as attractions for the family, so I am looking at Florida of course, as well as other places. I guess you would call it a "retreat" to start with.  I am working  out plans for bigger things if I am able to get traction with this project, but I will stay grounded for now, so I am simply asking first for the start up money.  Money for the lawyer to get the paperwork filed and get me non-profit status.  Once I have that, I already have fundraising plans for the actual retreat.  Startup money is needed for lawyer, possibly an acountant and other simiilar professional help, and maybe to cover some modest but necessary travel expenses.  I will come back later with a separate posting if needed, but for now this is it.  Families with MS are usually under extreme financial stress.  The average cost of care annually for a patient on therapy is about 69k, while the average total household income is only 49k-  we are usually living with a whole lot of assistance from progarms, and family and friends, so the financial aspect affects more than just the patient.  There often is not money to travel, or to retreat like these familes really need and could use.  Once my foundation is up an running, the goal is to provide the retreat regardless of the families ability to pay.  Is anyone with me?  Again need $ for startup, professional help, and modest travel for now.  Thank you, and God bless!  (The $ amount is just a best guess for now)

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Thank you for being here, Organic Biscuit, and thank you for sharing your dream. It's a WONDERFUL endeavor and I wish you all the best. As more people gather, we'll come up with more creative ways to raise funds, such as at the marketplace here at Wishadoo! (an "ebay for good").
  • September 11, 2012
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Organic Biscuit
Thank you! I am glad to be here, and be starting. Mike
  • September 11, 2012
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