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WISH FULFILLED!!! (Friend Who Is Terminal Needs Loving Home for Cats)

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August 2, 2012
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United States
» New York

The good news is that Bubble & Squeak have a new home!  They made it there last night.  WeMovePets, a pet transport company, kindly agreed to move them to Maine to be with their new forever family.  They provided this service at a reserved "emergency rate" of $500; normally the fee is well over a thousand.

A kind soul who helped facilitate this put the amount on his charge card because they required payment in advance, with no time for a fundraiser.  The kitties had been living in a crate at the vet for several weeks until their big move yesterday.  This gentleman put himself on the line financially to help Bubble and Squeak, so now we're asking if you can please help raise $500 to reimburse this kind gentleman.  Even $5 given by many people can add up and help tremendously!

THANK YOU in advance for helping with this final stage of the journey for Bubble and Squeak.  Thank you to all of you who have shared (and continue to share) this post so more eyeballs will see it, and thanks to everyone who has tried to help along the way. 

BIG THANKS to The Kind Gentleman, who has been a guardian angel throughout this critical time.

-- please contact The Kind Gentleman (who prefers to remain anonymous here, in this public space) via email: 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The female (Bubble) is a grey tabby with pink nose and her brother (Squeeks) is brown with black tabby markings.   They are 7 yrs. old, spayed & neutered.

Their owner -- my friend, who is passing from this world soon -- would rest so much easier if she could find a loving home for both Bubble and Squeeks.  They must stay together, as you can imagine.

Please, please share this listing anywhere you can in the hopes the perfect person -- an angel for my friend and her babies -- will contact me.


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Please read this post and share with your various social networks. Kitties in NY need new home. Thank you!
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