How would you like to be a part of a movement that will reduce suffering and increase joy? A movement that connects you to a community where compassion and cooperation are valued over profit and competition?

If you believe in the Common Good and that we're all in this together -- and that it is time we care about, for and with one another -- you belong here, at Wishadoo!, The Community Good Network.

Individuals, organizations and businesses are invited to align with our dedication to compassion, courage, inclusivity, collaboration, optimism, wisdom and integrity and to please join us in putting these caring values into action.

Together, we're creating a New World.

1. After registering, be sure to check your spam folder for the verification email; if you do not receive it, contact admin (at) wishadoo (dot) org
2. After you have registered and are ready to log in, it is MUCH easier to use your email address (rather than remember display name/username) to log in henceforth.

REST ASSURED that your personal information will never, ever be shared or sold. EVER. If you choose to share your email, your given name, or other information, that is your choice. Your privacy is respected completely. You have my word.

~ Dena (founder, Wishadoo!|Our Good)

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