THIS. THIS. THIS. #Interbeing #Interconnectedness #NoOtheringZONE #FirstWeMustCare #InThisTogether
I LOVE the idea of enlisting zoos and sanctuaries to be No-Othering ZONES. From the home page:
"Promoting an awareness of our oneness – our interconnectedness and interdependence – is the fundamental intention which lies at the heart of all we do. This is certainly the case with the first initiative of the Coalition for Good (our sister 501(c)3 organization): the No-Othering ZONE™ Campaign.
We must first — individually and collectively — acknowledge that these deep-seated issues of disconnection, separation, isolation and “Othering” exist; then we must have the courage to face these truths and commit to doing the work toward justice and healing, together.
It is time to flex our compassion and empathy muscles; see ourselves in one another; embrace our common humanity; and have reverence for all life on this planet. First, we must care.
The No-Othering ZONE Campaign™ aims to elevate awareness of interconnectedness in all sectors of our communities, leading us toward the transformative vision of a society which collectively values care, connection, inclusion, justice and peace."