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Country: United States
State / Province: North Carolina
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Email: sandracarringtonsmith@gmail.com
Business Information: Crossroads have always held a special symbolism for me, as they are ever present both in our physical and spiritual lives. A crossroads is a place where two or more paths intersect, leaving the person coming up on them sometimes unsure of the best way to turn. When we are faced with difficult moments in our lives, we find ourselves in front of a crossroads of sort -- we know that if we turn in one direction we will have a certain outcome, while if we turn in a different direction the outcome will be different. The problem is that unless we have a map or a GPS, or if we have been down that road before, we don't always know what the best route is.

This is where an honest reading can be of great help. I have always felt that tarot readings are misunderstood -- a reading is not necessarily a tool that will tell you what is to come, but rather, it is a guide of sorts looking from the outside in with a bird's eye view, who lets you know what is at the end of each turn. Which road you take is still up to you, and a reading merely allows you the luxury of knowing what your options are. As someone once put it, readings are like a hurricane warning. My goal is to provide information you can't readily see on your own, and then help guiding you toward the best possible path to walk.

My reading fees are $30 for up to one full hour. Please note that $10 from each reading are going to be donated to the Wake County Animal Shelter and/or the Wake County SPCA. Payment is sent in advance to my Paypal address lunanera (at) netzero (dot) net.

Once payment is received, I will notify you, and you can send me a phone number I can reach you at. I will call you to set up an appointment, or we can do so via e-mail if you prefer. The day of the appointment I will call you at no extra charge to you. For calls outside the United States, please include a phone charge of $10 in your payment.

Please contact me with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

I invite you to visit my website to learn more about me, my books, my blog and Crossroads.
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