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Wishadoo! The Community Good Network

  • Connection. Compassion. Community.
  • Cultivate a Culture of Care, Trust, Equity & Justice
  • Build Circles of Service, Intention & Mutual Benefit
  • Reduce Suffering, Increase Joy
  • Engage, create, share & collaborate as we...
  • Bring our Community Good to life!

Wishadoo! is undergoing transformation, with anticipated relaunch in May. Please stay tuned and visit OurGood.org



Wishadoo! is honored to be a Charter for Compassion Partner

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"True peace is not merely the absence of war, it is the presence of justice." Jane Addams We need politicians who are NOT beholden to Wall Street and money to stand up against corruption and speak ou...

Poem by Christine Fry, October 2004   You've asked me to tell you of the Great Turning Of how we saved the world from disaster. The answer is both simple and complex. We turned. For hundreds of...

Let's get TEAM USA to help animals here in the US! I'M ASKING FOR YOUR HELP IN SHARING THIS GRAPHIC and accompanying message. It's a long shot but we can try to make it viral, right? Th...

  It's Valentine's Day -- February 14, 2014 – and love, love, love is in the air. One day each year we're surrounded by talk of love and bear witness to ways of expressing our l...

  11/25/13      Enjoy delicious fairly traded products while supporting the Wishadoo! Community. Wishadoo! receives 25% of profits generated by your purchases at Equal Exchange, ...

  Wishadoo!'s dedication to compassion, cooperation and community is built upon a fundamental awareness of Gratitude and, in each moment, learning to practice the art of what I like to call "he...

  For those of you who haven't really stopped to listen to the words to Macklemore's "Same Love," please take a few minutes to watch the video, or read the lyrics, both of which are provid...
Dena Patrick

    July 20, 2013 I've seen this graphic shared quite a bit in my social media circles in the last few days, with white friends and family members asking why white people who are victims of...

  Tony, my cat, killed a robin this morning.  He brought it to the door, so proud and happy, but all I could do was scream at him.  As soon as I yelled, he dropped the bird and ran to hide ...

  The Pakistan General Elections are under way.  Malala Yousafzai is the epitome of COURAGE and INTEGRITY, at the tender age of 15. But she is not alone.  There is a movemen...
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